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Hedi Wechner
Mayoress of Wörgl

The facinating, dynamic sport called speedskating finds its popularity ...

13th int. Speedskate Competition / Eurocup
Days left until the next event: 193

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13. int. Speedskate Kriterium/Europacup 01.Jun 2018

14. int. Speedskate Kriterium/Europacup 07.Jun 2019


Hedi Wechner
Mayoress of Wörgl

The facinating, dynamic sport called speedskating finds its popularity constantly growing. Kids and young stayed adults  participate in exiciting races or just enjoy to watch speedskating off the track. Speedskating races entertain the audience with tons of breathtaking moments. Besides competing, Wörgl’s Inline Speedskating Team SC Lattella is also focusing on sustainable youth work. For example Wörgl‘s Fun Skate Day offers fun, entertainment and fitness to everyone.

As the organisation of every single event, especially  the European Cup, requires a tireless commitment ofhelpers, I want to thank everyone  for their effort  and support.

I wish every sportsman and sportswoman a successful season without accident.

Robert Petutschnigg
President of SC-Lattella Wörgl, Tyrolean Roller Sports and Inline Skate Association

Dear Sportsmen,
Dear Sportswomen,
Dear Memebers of the SC Lattella Wörgl!

As the President of the Sc Lattella Wörgl,  President of Tyrolean Roller Sport and Inline Skate Association, I am more than happy to annouce that the SC Lattella Wörgl will organize four different big events in Speedskating, Inline Slalom and Inline Hockey. Further, five talent cups for kids between 4-14 years will also take place in Wörgl. These events are a great enlargement for the Inline Skating Sport and also an opportunity for young people to compete with others, make new friends and gain  a lot of value experience. As the Eurpean Cup 2012 in Wörgl is the 2. biggest event in Europe, the Inline Sports sets new accents within Austria.

In 2011 we counted 476 athlets from 19 different nationalities like Europe, New Zealand and Columbia. World champions and European Champions took part and entertained the audience with excellent performances and exciting races. The European Cup counts 10 A-events. As Wörgl is Austria’s stations,  we are more than proud to be part of it.

A special thanks goes out to the community Wörgl and to our sponsors for the active support to make this event at the Speedskating Arena possible.

I wish everyone a success time and beautiful days in Wörgl.

Irmelin B. Otten
President CEC

Dear Sports fans,

In the last couple years the European Cup has become an essential part of the contest schedule within Europe.  Athletes from all over the world travel to Woergl to be part of this event, which makes Robert Petutschnigg and his team very grateful and proud. Due to the great effort of Robert Petutschnigg and the SC Lattella Woergl this event is now well established and has become one of the highlights in the annual racing calendar of every passionate top skater.

At this point we would like to thank all competitors and helping members of the SC Lattella Woergl, because without you this event would not be possible at all.

We are looking forward to witness breath-taking performances by the athletes.

Hopefully the environmental circumstances will not influence the contest in a bad way.

We wish all the participants, referees, members oft he SC Lattella Woergl and the audience an exciting and entertaining time in Woergl and hope you enjoy your stay!

Irmelin B. Otten, President CEC